Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The King of Hyrule is a Jerk

The King of Hyrule is a Jerk.... Sort of. This post is just to share with you guys something that i found. Apparently there's this artist on called hiimdaisy. He/She (not sure) draws comics about games, though not necessarily comics that stay true to the storyline. Most of them are funny and he/she has some about a couple of games such as LOZ Wind Waker, Metal Gear Solid, and Persona 4; they're sort of fan fiction but funnier. "The King of Hyrule is a Jerk" is my personal favorite and its based off of The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker, here is the complete series. Once again they're not mine, i didn't draw them.

If you have trouble seeing the pictures then try clicking on them

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